About Us

The Mitz Trade Mark involves over 70 years of technical experience in the lighting manufacturing equipment industry.

We have built Mitz on the basis of the “Svitlotekhnika” (Lighting Equipment) Factory (Brovary, Kyiv Region) dating back to the middle of the last century. It was one of the largest industrial manufacturers of lighting fixtures on the Soviet Union.

During the times of new history the enterprise has closely cooperated with international brands. Since 2007 the factory has been certified by the PHILIPS Corporation for licensed production of a few lines of TBS lighting fixtures. In 2019 the factory entered the “Nova Light” holding and the MITZ trademark was created. Based on the time-tested main model line, the manufacturing of LED light fixtures was modernized.

The whole production cycle is based in Ukraine. We cooperate with famous European component suppliers who are leaders in this field. Our own industrial facilities allow us to control the manufacturing process of parts at every stage, and technological solutions ensure reliability, which is why we can confidently guarantee the quality of our products.

We care about the quality of light, so we are very attentive to all components. We use:

  1. Metal housings that remove heat from the diodes; this helps to avoid the thermoelectric effect that occurs when using plastic housing. Therefore, we give a 3-year warranty on our lighting fixtures.
  2. A full-fledged matrix instead of a LED strip ensures a longer and more efficient "life" of our lighting fixtures.
  3. Full featured drivers: you can be sure about the quality and reliability of our product.

The Mitz assortment includes over 50 certified assemblies for various needs of our customers. This enables providing quality light for:  

  1. Retail
  2. Catering facilities
  3. Public institutions
  4. Educational institutions
  5. Administrative/office premises
  6. Industrial premises
  7. Production facilities
We will gladly offer you a free consultation and answer all your questions on the phone: +38 098 821 00 86 or at the email address: 2@mitz.com.ua